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Domain Registration through Web Design Gambia

Every memorable website begins with a memorable domain name so start your journey today with Web Design Gambia, a leading domain registrar in The Gambia for over 10 years!

Web Design Gambia can now register your .GM domain today and get you online and noticed. Simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you to check availability of your domain name:

Acceptable Domain Names

Ordinary registration clause:

An entity (person, organisation or company) residing in, providing information or services for or about The Gambia, or otherwise benefiting the local Internet community of The Gambia may register domain names through a registrar.

The name protection clause:

An organisation needing to protect their name may register a term if it is clearly and unambiguously identifying the registrant organisation. The validity of the connection is checked by the .GM ccTLD administration. When in doubt the given administrative contact / domain owner will be consulted to ascertain the connection between the applicant and the domain name.

Valid Admin contact email clause:

The Registrant (“owner”) of the domain should always be registered as the Admin contact, and must have an email address unrelated to the Registrar company.

The “Domain Squatting” clause:

The registration of domain names that is not intended to be active will not be registered as speculation in future needs for domain names is considered detrimental to the Internet community.

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